One of the prime concerns of this program is to VERBALIZE to community-persons about their health apprehensions and fitness disputes. The HTP involves three zones:

  • First is the Welfare unit, which encompasses visiting various charity schools,organizations and certain street schools in order to impart basic hygienic support to the oblivious and ill-informed people.
  • The second slice incorporates the preferment and promotion of HOPES in different private schools. Both of these include free medical/dental checkups and presentations on elementary health issues such as oral hygiene. Moreover, this makes our reach far and wide to the ambitious young people.
  • The latest HTP zone takes in account of talking with the KMDC students about diverse themes and episodes of life along with the advancement of the potentials of professional careers. Hence, certain sessions and seminars at KMDC for First-Aid Training and Career guidance for undergraduate medical and dental students are arranged. This precinct of HTP permits the students to steer countless possibilities not only in their everyday but also in vocational lives.

So far we’ve been successful in reaching out to over 1500 students in 15 schools with great progress.
The program entails:

  • Visiting school and providing consciousness regarding overall hygiene and vigorous diet.
  • Medical and dental checkups.
  • Fun health orientated activities.
  • Interactive sessions on tackling social issues like bullying and peer pressure and depression, etc.