August 2019

In 2019 HOPES took another initiative for the welfare of its people by celebrating Eid-ul -Azha with the ones who cant afford to buy animals and are always left behind at this moment, with the addition of another campaign in its annual calendar HOPES Waqf Qurbani. Team HOPES visited different areas of Interior Sindh for this campaign. The purpose was to point out the underprivileged areas which are neglected during this moment of happiness and to include our brothers in this event of celebration. Our volunteers visited different villages and find out that the condition was worse than expected. The areas even lack the basic necessities of life. After long inspection and keeping in mind the current situation the areas finalized were Sultanabad, Gharo, Ghagger phattak, Banbhore, Badin, Nando, and Idrees Malla. The team talked to the officials of those areas, shared the details about the campaign and a plan was made so that Qurbani can be done in its true spirit and in accordance with Islamic principles and meat can be distributed among the whole village with peace and grace. Animals for Qurbani were bought from nearby mandi’s of the finalized areas and complete inspection was made while purchasing of Animals. A true example of selfless dedication was shown by volunteers of HOPES during this campaign. In the end, it is all about fulfilling the Farz of Qurbani in its true sense and Team HOPES strongly believes in this concept and is making efforts on daily basis to continue these services in its true spirit.


Every year on Eid-ul-Adha, Muslims all around the globe sacrifice animals to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim A.S. in following Allah’s command to sacrifice his son, but there are some people which are unable to celebrate this festival in its true sense, so in order to provide them the true feeling of happiness HOPES Meat Campaign was started in 2017, which now has become a part of our annual calendar and takes place every year with great enthusiasm. The primary objective of this campaign is to celebrate Eid with people living in underprivileged areas and to create an atmosphere where people can celebrate this moment in its true sense. This is done by distributing meat among them so that they can feel the real essence.Collection points are made in different areas of Karachi and people are encouraged to donate their sacrificial meat to HOPES. After the process of collection shoppers of meat are made by our dedicated volunteers which is followed by the distribution phase.HOPES Meat Campaign takes place every year on the First day of Eid-Ul-Azha. The targets areas of Distribution are the outskirts of Karachi where meat is distributed by door to door criteria because HOPES believes in helping people while maintaining their dignity.Every year hundreds of kilograms of Meat is distributed in different underprivileged areas in outskirts of Karachi which truly creates the feeling of joy among ones living in those areas who can’t celebrate this festival in its true sense.In the end its all about pleasing God and to serve his creature and HOPES truly believes in this concept and we always make sure that this organization always be a helping hand when need.