In 2013, When Baluchistan was hit with an earthquake our volunteers went their along with  khadim foundation. To help the victims of earth quake in (MASHKAI) Baluchistan. We did health checkups and guided them about prevention from various diseases, along with this we also provided medicines of worth more than Rs.50,000 to the patients there and distributed ration of worth more than Rs. 0.6 million (6 lac). We also rehabilitated the victims as the entire district was completely destroyed and the the poor victims have no shelter.


In between August-September 2011, The Badin district of the Sindh province received a record-breaking rainfall of 615.3 millimeters (24.22 in) during the monsoon spell that causes flood and water flowed all over the District and surrounding areas, The flood was so severe that it inundated 3820.39 square kilometers in Badin, took many lives and left people homeless with affected health. HOPES with it’s volunteer army including Doctors and medical students stepped forward to lend them a hand in this time of need and went there on their own setting up Mobile Medical Camps, providing free consultations and medicines along with 1000 tents for shelter and Ration Supply for around 400 Families. Our volunteers facilitated the area whole day and left them with smiles late night, no matter what happens around, HOPES always stood with the ones in need and help them while maintaining their dignity and respect!

We have come a long way but still when ever there’s a need HOPES and it’s volunteers appears shining bright like a Sirius in the sky! Join hands with us and help us grow to spread our network to the untouched heights!


Almost a decade ago, Sindh was hit by a catastrophic flood that made many devoid of basic necessities. Many people lost not just their homes but also their loved ones, leaving them with no shelter over their heads, let alone have access to clean water, food or clothes. It was then, that our volunteers took it upon themselves to help those in sheer agony. They traveled long miles to the outskirts of Sindh, reaching Badeen and then Dadu, to do everything in their might to provide relief to the affectees of flood. In August, 2010, our team of volunteers reached their destination where they took up the task of providing not just fresh clothes, food and medicines to flood victims but also made sure that their normal lives were restored. They mapped out their plan and executed it in 3 phases.

The first phase included them stocking and distributing clothes; sacks of clothes were first brought and then distributed among the villagers.

The second phase was one of the most noteworthy efforts which was carried out, it was the installation of a mobile water filter plant in the area; this was to ensure that everyone could have safe drinking water wherever they were located.

The third phase was followed with them visiting disaster struck places in order to assess the damage. They provided rehabilitation to families who suffered great losses, by giving them a place to live. They manually built mosques and houses with limited resources, providing shelter to many. Distribution of food and ration was carried out, bags being distributed to almost 878 families, belonging to 17 different villages. These packets included 10 kgs of flour, 5 kgs of rice, 3 kgs of pulses, 1 kg of oil and other small things.

Volunteers faced many obstacles in their journey but never gave up; from living under unsanitary conditions to masking their identities, they never let their spirit run dry. These efforts done almost a decade ago by them are still cherished and remembered, not just by us, but also by the people of Badeen and Dadu.