Our triumph is calculated by our patients’ contentment with our services and the concern they obtain with our assistance. We, at HOPES, are doing our finest to grant high-tech curative and pinpointing amenities to the utmost number of impoverished sufferers of The Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Our extremely skillful medical squad uses its understanding and proficiency to assist patients gets back to where they once belonged in terms of their health.

As you read our Patient Stories, you’ll discover how we associate with our patients in providing the supervision and maintenance they entail. Moreover, you’ll also learn about the caring hearts of HOPES Volunteers who help make it happen! Make an insight to stirring narratives of our patients experience with us!


“I asked all my relatives, neighbors and even different organizations but they never supported me. It was HOPES who rescued my family”
(The patient’s wife)

"My name is Huma and I live with my husband and kids at my parents' house. I am the sole breadwinner of the family and I do this by stitching clothes. We were doing fine but then crises hit us and my husband got paralyzed. The doctors said he was not responding to local medicines and had to be given medicines that are imported from other countries but those medicines were really costly.
At that time, one of my friends told me about HOPES Pharmacy in ASH. Hence, I visited the Pharmacy and submitted my form there and from that day till now (it has been 6 months), they have been providing me free-of-cost medicines. All their volunteers are really cooperative; they've never misbehaved with me and always talked to me with respect and helped me with everything they can. I would ask you people to please donate to HOPES as much as you can because they use your donation in the best possible way and I can assure that all the matters proceed for the welfare of the patients who deserve help.
In the past, I asked all my relatives, neighbors and even different organizations but they never supported me but an organization like HOPES made me realize that there are generous people out there who really care for the benefits of the poor and needy patients. I pray to Allah that may He grants HOPES a lot of success in the future."