Drug Bank 41 is at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital which caters to the needs of the Zakat deserving inpatients of the hospital by providing them Free of cost medicine, medical & surgical supplies, radiological services & laboratory diagnostic tests and blood & blood related products.

Starting as a single cabinet of medicines in 1995, Room no 41 has now progressed to a well-established Drug Bank 41.

Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be, by working on this thought we introduced a computerized software-based system in the department in 2008 to keep record of drugs received and dispatched to patients. Our Volunteers work as an integral member of health care team to achieve desired therapeutic outcomes, prevent or minimize drug-related problems, and improve medication use.



Alhamdulillah It’s been over 2 decades since HOPES came into being, and Room 41 at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital has been its only constant throughout all this time. When we started in 1995, we were very short on budget it was just PKR 10,000 and we had to make do with it. Nevertheless, the budget for Room 41 has gone up to PKR 2 million for just a month. For an outsider, it may not hold much importance. After all, it’s just a small room on the ground floor of Abbasi, but our volunteers at HOPES know that it is nothing short of a blessing for the patients who visit it every day to receive medicines free-of-cost.


Medicines are given completely free-of-cost to all the patients who visit Room 41. Before giving the meds, the patient is asked a series of questions to ensure that they are eligible for Zakat. If not, they are provided with medicines bought with donations. As the budget for Room 41 has markedly increased since the past few years.This multiplication in funds can be attributed to a greater number of volunteers joining HOPES and working hard for its cause. Major donation is made by KMDC students and our Alumni in Pakistan and overseas. Zakat Campaigns and the profit from Health Expo has also caused an increase in funds.

free of cost diagnostics


Not only medicines but diagnostic facilities are also provided to the inpatients of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital through HOPES Diagnostics. HOPES stepped in when one of the largest tertiary care hospital of city is unable to facilitate the needs of its patient and serve the patients. Volunteers working there follow the same procedure as for medicines to ensure that the patient is eligible for Zakat. The budget that started with 10 thousands has risen up  to 8 to 9 times per month just to cater the need of all the deserving inpatients.

Due to less-functioning Radiological Lab of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , HOPES has been serving its patients in this department with facilities of CT-scan, MRI and many other radiological tests. By the grace of Almighty we are serving more and more people day by day through HOPES Drug bank

Income & Expenditure details for Drug Bank (In millions)

Number of patients Catered in Drug Bank

Diagnostic Facilities provided on Zakaat & Donations


Camps Organized by HOPES

“Who we are as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others? ”

Medical Camps organized by HOPES are as a way of serving back to the society, We collaborate with many doctors, teams, NGOs and just people with goodwill to reach the deprived long-sufferers in the rural areas of Pakistan as well as some underprivileged communities as these underprivileged people cannot even manage to pay for basic general health analysis or treatment.
These camps make available complimentary medical checkups, free medicines, free blood-pressure and free blood-sugar checkup facilities to the disadvantaged population. Till now, HOPES has treated over 10,000 patients in different pastoral areas of the country. A team comprising of doctors, pharmacists/dispensers, phlebotomist, supervisor and patient registration persons has been supervising these medical camps effectively.



One of the prime concerns of this program is to VERBALIZE to community-persons about their health apprehensions and fitness disputes. The HTP involves three zones:

  • First is the Welfare unit, which encompasses visiting various charity schools,organizations and certain street schools in order to impart basic hygienic support to the oblivious and ill-informed people.
  • The second slice incorporates the preferment and promotion of HOPES in different private schools. Both of these include free medical/dental checkups and presentations on elementary health issues such as oral hygiene. Moreover, this makes our reach far and wide to the ambitious young people.
  • The latest HTP zone takes in account of talking with the KMDC students about diverse themes and episodes of life along with the advancement of the potentials of professional careers. Hence, certain sessions and seminars at KMDC for First-Aid Training and Career guidance for undergraduate medical and dental students are arranged. This precinct of HTP permits the students to steer countless possibilities not only in their everyday but also in vocational lives.

So far we’ve been successful in reaching out to over 1500 students in 15 schools with great progress.
The program entails:

  • Visiting school and providing consciousness regarding overall hygiene and vigorous diet.
  • Medical and dental checkups.
  • Fun health orientated activities.
  • Interactive sessions on tackling social issues like bullying and peer pressure and depression, etc.



Whenever there has been any predicament afflicting the lives of the underprivileged livers, HOPES has always stepped forward for the betterment and prosperity of the community
The unfortunate Covid-19 crisis has rendered our already weakened system to take another drastic hit. Moreover, this pandemic has besieged our healthcare workers the most. Furthermore, the daily earning population has undergone severe smack.
Our main objective at this desperate time is to support the citizens with our HOPES COVID-19 Relief Project. This project is our miniature effort to help the community with our 3 main campaigns:

  • HOPES Ration Distribution Campaign
  • HOPES PPEs/Safety Kits Distribution among Healthcare Workers
  • HOPES Daily Meal Distribution Campaign


HOPES stands in complete solidarity with all the victims and has never hesitated to provide its health care services to those who need it the most. HOPES played a significant role to help rehabilitate the victims of the 2005 Earthquake and 2011-2012 floods in Sindh including the earthquake of Baluchistan last year. In addition to providing the victims with daily necessities of life, HOPES also built up to 200 houses, a Mosque and a school in district Dadu in 2012.



Team HOPES has always played its role as a front-liner whenever the country faced calamities or natural disasters. In June 2022, as the monsoon season started to exceedingly impact our nation’s provinces, it led to one of the most devastating floods in the history of Pakistan that ravaged extensive areas of the country, affecting around 15% of the total population and ousting more than 3.1 million people from their homes, submerging the croplands under water till date and making the country face significant inflation in prices of wheat, rice, sugar, and other basic food supplies. Alongside other difficulties faced by the flood affectees, the rising of health concerns remained at the apex, many people died due to lack of medical support on-site and in neighboring areas.