2nd HOPES Health Expo

Second HOPES Health Expo

The 2nd HOPES Health Expo took place in the January of 2017. It had events of engrossment for every age group. A lot of hard work was put in by over eight hundred volunteers for over four months before the event and with the Expo being attended by more than 15,000 people, the event lived up to expectations, and the efforts of the HOPES’s team were not in vain. Entering the event, one could see hordes of people at every stall. There were more than 20 clinical stalls with topics including Pediatrics, Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, Oncology, Hypertension, ENT, Diabetes etc. Each stall had the provision of a free examination and screenings which included Random Blood Sugar, CBC, Thalassemia and Hepatitis B & C Screenings, Spirometry, Bone Mass density and Blood grouping.

Volunteers at the stall were providing valuable information addressing a variety of health issues on endemics like dengue, malaria, bird flu and polio. All of these facilities and knowledge were given free of cost. Apart from clinical stalls other organizations namely PHH, PWA etc had put up their stalls to guide people about their services to humanity. Pharmaceutical companies such as BOSCH and Getz Pharma were also seen telling people about their work. But this wasn’t all that the event had to offer, there was also a Photo booth, Games’ stall and a food court which was filled up to the brim for all the twelve hours that the event lasted. There were also skits on social issues such as women’s rights.

Apart from the stalls, there were numerous seminars by some of the best medical practitioners in town. The first session of the day was regarding First Aid and Basic Life Support, in collaboration with the Pakistan Red Crescent Society. Dr. Zahid Azam delivered a lecture on Chronic Liver diseases followed by Mir Muhammad Ali Khan’s motivational session. The HOPES Health Expo was covered by renowned media networks such as News One and GEO. Some very famous personalities who attended the expo as chief guests included the Health Minister (Dr. Sikander), Senator Haseeb Khan, Dr. Arshad Vohra, Mr. Younis Bashir, Prof Saleemullah, Mr. Asif Haider Shah, Mr. Ayaz Khan, Dr. Nargis Anjum (the Principal of KMDC) and actress/model Nimra Khan.