There are numerous reasons to abet us, the decisive ones are mentioned below:

  • A free-of-cost drug bank which fulfills the requirement of life-saving medicines and surgical items of the Zakat-deserving pitiable patients of The Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.
  • A RIQAS accredited (Insert RIQAS certificate link) state-of-art HOPES Diagnostic Laboratory which provides various tests at economical and reasonable prices not only for the underprivileged ones, but also for the white-collar people.
  • No-profit No-loss pharmacies in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi Institute of Heart diseases and Dental Pharmacy in KMDC, which grants an immense relief to the middle-class workers.
  • 24 hours free-of-cost casualty drug bank for the poor and unidentified patients rushing to Emergency of The Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.
  • Provide Free-of-cost medicines to the emergency patients of Karachi Institute of heart disease.