No one feels feeble to live and see his blood-relative depart this life when he can live!

The patients of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Karachi Institute of Heart Diseasesdepend on your Zakat and Donations to persist their fighting’s against the dreadful ailments. HOPES persists to supplyfree of chargehealing to more than 80% of ABBASI SHAHEED HOSPITAL’s patients. In the forthcoming year, we necessitate the amount of more than Rs.10 Million to lend a hand to thousands of patients we treat in totalgratiseach year.

The main contribution of Zakat Campaign comes from the students of KMDC. The students collected donations from their family and friends. The funds are also generously contributed from the teachers of KMDC and ASH. Door-to-door campaigns are conducted by the volunteers of HOPES in the first week of Ramazan in different housing societies. Roadside campaigns are held throughout the month of Ramazan by the volunteers to maximize the generation of funds.Click on the Link to view our statistics.

Donate online

You can deposit your Zakat & donations at our office, laboratory HOPES DIAGNOSTICS, or at Habib Bank (IBAN#Pk40HABB0006340015088503). To arrange collection of your Zakat from your home, please call us on +921-35514333 or +9233-31346-756 or +923-462710-446. To bestow your Zakat online from within your region, please click on the link: Donate online