No. of Meals distributed in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital


No. of Health Workers who received PPE's


No. of Ration bags distributed to underprivileged peoples



Due to the city lock down in order to halt the spread of corona virus outbreak, it is getting grueling day by day for every daily-wage earners or needful laborers to survive as they’re facing no prospect of income in this time of crisis.
From the current situation, it depicts that hunger endangers more lives than the corona virus itself. Thereby, in this dire need of help, HOPES Team felt the pain of all the sufferers and started RATION CAMPAIGN on 26th March 2020.
Our plan of action is to sort out the genuinely needy families with efficiency and to distribute Ration Packets to them as soon as possible.
For that we are mainly targeting slum areas where we’ll be delivering ration bags through proper verification procedure at their door step, because we believe in helping people while maintaining their dignity and respect!

Each pack of ration costs around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2500 and each pack includes:

  • 20kg Flour
  • 5kg Rice
  • 2kg Sugar
  • 2kg Pulses
  • 2kg Oil
  • 1kg Salt
  • 1 Match Bundle

Hopefully, these packs will be sufficient enough for 25 days.

In this regard, in our 1st Phase we have distributed the Ration Packets to the 1200 families who have faced a shortage of food in Qadir-Nagar (GagharPhatak) , in and around slum areas of Karachi these included places like Orangi Town, Kati-pahari, Paharganj, Gulistan-e-Johar, Qasba, Malir as well as North-Nazimabad.


In this time of pandemic lurking on everyone’s life, doctors and paramedical staff are at highest risk of contracting the virus, especially the staff at the isolation units and wards of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital who are waging an epic battle against the disease with bare hands.
In order to protect these frontline warriors and to minimize their exposure to this precarious disease, and above all, being an NGO who has been working in one of the busiest Government Hospitals in Karachi, considering all these conditions on 4th April 2020 HOPES in Collaboration with Department of Pediatric (Abbasi Shaheed Hospital) has stepped forward to provide the Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Kits to the doctors and paramedical staff of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

This campaign is run solely on the donations given by the generous people and not Zakat.
Provision of hand sanitizers and masks to all the working staff is being done in accordance with their duty roasters.

  • Protective Equipment Packs to around 80-100 medical and paramedical staffs are distributed each day.
  • Screening center and the intensive care units are provided with protective items such as face shields and clean-room suits or bunny suits in accordance with the WHO guidelines.
  • In the Emergency Department, hand sanitizers are provided to all the Doctors, Paramedical Staff, Janitorial Staff, and Security Guards.

Estimated monthly expense for Safety packs: 420,000 Rupees and Estimated monthly expense for Sanitizer: 382,500 Rupees

HOPES always stand with those who are in need and through all of our programs we try to ensure that we achieve our goals efficiently


It has been 8 years since the kitchen facility in this tertiary level government hospital of Karachi is not functional. Hence, there is no provision of cooked meals for the attendees and patients admitted in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, leaving the patients and their already burdened attendants to buy their daily meals.

Shutting down the eateries got worrisome problem for the patients Admitted in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital as their attendants use to buy food from the nearby restaurants and dhabbas, also most of them are affectee’s of this lockdown and current situation as they are the ones on daily wages or with limited income that they couldn’t either afford to buy raw food to cook, as this desperate time calls for desperate measures, HOPES on 1st April 2020 has taken an initiative to let them know that they aren’t alone in this fight and our team stands with them all, our volunteers have initiated MEAL DISTRIBUTION CAMPAIGN.

HOPES volunteer team along with kitchen management of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital with proper protocols distribute daily 200 packets of lunch among the patients and attendants on their beds after verifying their files and admission slips and showing solidarity by feeding those in need!