“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” .

-Helen Keller.



Ammar Ishaq

Senior Vice President


Farzeen Farooqui

General Secretary

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Ali Khan

Joint Secretary

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Arwa Ahmed


Joint TreasurerShahbaz

Shahbaz Ali

Joint Treasurer

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Muhammad Ahsan

What we do

drug bank
Free of cost Drug Bank

Starting as a single cabinet of medicines in 1995 in a small room no. 41 which was a collection of few drugs has now progressed to a well-established DRUG BANK.

24/7 Pharmaceutical Services

Besides Free of Cost Drug bank , HOPES also runs pharmacies which provides medicines and medical & surgical supplies at an affordable rate for the community.

24/7 Diagnostic Services

Selecting a diagnostic facility is the most important step in the treatment process because only accurate and timely results lead to the right treatment decisions.

medical camp
Medical Camps

These camps make available complimentary medical checkups, free medicines, free blood-pressure and free blood-sugar checkup facilities to the general public.

Health Expo

A one of its kind health awareness event arranged by HOPES at EXPO Center, Karachi. Once every year, which aims to provide awareness to the masses about their health.

releif camp
Relief Campaign

In time of trouble, HOPES has always helped his countrymen. In current COVID 19 situation HOPES has started working on multiple fronts to alleviate suffering.

Meat Drive

Every year on Eid-ul-Azha, Muslims all around the globe sacrifice animals to commemorate the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) in following Allah’s command to sacrifice his son.

ijtimai qurbani
Waqf Qurbani

Taking one step further from meat campaign, We started Waqf Qurbani in remote areas to make them feel the essence of Eid. They were provided meat and cooked food was also served.

HOPES Talks Program

This program aims to reduce ailments by promoting healthy lifestyle and health awareness in general public. We conduct seminars, workshops & health check ups.

Milestones & Achievements


  • Establishment of Drug Bank (Room 41) at ASH


  • HOPES registered as an NGO


  • Establishment of Pharmacy at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital


  • Establishment of Pharmacy at Karachi Medical & Dental College
  • Earthquake Relief Campaign at Nothern Areas and Kashmir


  • Establishment of Pharmacy at Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases


  • Fundraiser Event – HOPES Mela


  • Flood Relief Campaign at Dadu, Sindh


  • Earth Quake Relief Camp at Awaran, Balochistan
  • Flood Relief Campaign at Badin, Sindh


  • Establishment of HOPES Diagnostics Laboratory
  • Initiation of HOPES Talks Program


  • First HOPES Health Expo


  • Initiation of Meat Campaign on Eid-ul-Adha
  • Initiation of HOPES Ambassador Program
  • Fundraiser Event – Autumn Festival
  • Expansion of HOPES Diagnostics Laboratory and Opening of new departments


  • RIQAS Certification of HOPES Diagnostics Laboratory
  • Fundraiser Event – HOPES Fete


  • Initiation of Ijtimai Waqf Qurbani on Eid-ul-Adha


  • PPE Distribution Campaign
  • Ration Distribution Campaign
  • Daily Meal Campaign
  • Establishment of COVID Ward at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital along with other stakeholders


  • Got Certified by Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy


  • Shariah Compliant
  • Flood Relief Campaign
  • Launched Hopes Radiology Project


  • Welcomed the year with First edition of Hopes Skills Expo
  • Construction of houses for flood affectees