In addition to providing free-of-cost medicines to underprivileged patients, HOPES also serves as a blessing in disguise to the white-collar community through no-profit, no-loss pharmacies.


Since 17th June 2003
A 24/7 Emergency Pharmacy, located at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital adjacent to the Trauma Center, caters to more than 1000 patients in a day.
The medicines are provided at cheaper rates than the retail stores to provide maximum benefits to patients with best quality product and a proper system of invoice to avoid any trouble to our customers.

HOPES Pharmacy, Ground floor, Trauma Center, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi.



Since 25th December 2006
This HOPES Pharmacy is located at Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases (KIHD) in Dastagir. It’s another Emergency pharmacy that caters to almost 800 patients every day.
It is open 24/7 to serve especially those with immediate need with cheaper rates yet best quality product. A proper system of invoice is practiced to avoid any trouble to our customers.

HOPES Pharmacy, Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases, Federal B Area, Block 16, Gulberg Town, Karachi.



Since 2005
The DENTAL HOPES Pharmacy lies in the premises of Karachi Medical and Dental College (KM&DC), adjacent to the Dental OPD. It caters to almost 400 patients every day. This Pharmacy works to cater all those patients visiting the Dental OPD. The quality of product is never compromised in any of our pharmacies with maximum discount from any other retail stores.

HOPES Pharmacy, Karachi Medical & Dental College, Block-M, North Nazimabad, Karachi.

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Selecting a diagnostic facility is the most important step in the treatment process because only accurate and timely results lead to the right treatment decisions. We at HOPES offer inexpensive Diagnostic facilities to both In and Outpatients of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.


HOPES Diagnostics has been up and running since January 2015 serving the patients of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital along with neighboring areas and has earned the trust of people and doctors due to reliability of results.

At HOPES DIAGNOSTICS, we concede the significance and influence of our diagnostic services. In order to follow our vision, we seek to increase the access of people to the latest internationally-acclaimed, diagnostic techniques .We deliver excellence, from our facility & team. Our focus is patient-safety and our highest priority is quality.

HOPES Diagnostics, Block 3, Nazimabad Town, Karachi.










HOPES Diagnostics strives to maintain the highest standards of safe and quality health care for all patients, in our facilities. Our Quality and Patient Safety team have excessive training and experience in managing and ensuring the highest Quality Standards within our facilities to ensure patient safety. We ensure that proper checks and balances are followed in all aspects of the delivery of our Diagnostic services.
All the services provided in the laboratory are subjected to Internal Quality Control and Proficiency Testing (External Quality Assurance by RIQAS – Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme) , to provide clinicians and clients with accurate and precise results. Quality Improvement Coordination Committee meeting is held on defined frequency to evaluate the performance of Lab.
The Department works under the team of Directors and is under the administrative, technical leadership of the Manager and Clinical Pathologist.
HOPES always believes in providing quality services to its patients so that Health facilities can be delivered at its best.

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